Dr. Tate’s Reading Recommendations

CDC finding on smoking and the mentally ill.

Fear, carbon dioxide and the amygdala!

Here is a post for a February mindfulness group run by one of my colleagues, Benjamin Seaman, LCSW:

Could you take a moment to think of someone who would benefit from being more present?


Claes Lilja, a powerful presenter who was a guest at my Labor Day Men’s Retreat last September is coming to New York to co-lead with me, Living in the Here and Now, An Experiential Workshop on Being Fully Present. The workshop includes experiential exercises, didactic on current neurobiology, group discussion, and community bonding. It is open to all, and is particularly suited to anyone struggling with intense feelings that get in the way of being present.

On the maintenance of love.

Personality disorders are a fascinating yet at times elusive component of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

TherapySafetyNet is a novel approach to psychotherapy referrals designed to meet the mental health needs of individuals who would otherwise fall through the cracks. It is a professional network of clinicians pre-screened, qualified, and committed to social responsibility, including caring for those workers who lack insurance coverage for mental health or do not qualify for publicly-funded programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.